Mozart FM Transmitter

Mozart FM transmitter - Exciter Series is the latest audio excellence in the FM Broadcasting industry with revolutionary Audio & RF technology. The GREEN RF™ technology, combined with new 65:1 devices, is the latest evolution of the world-famous patented COLD-FET™ technology applied on DB's transmitters. Compact design and low weight to reduce transportation costs and simplify logistics.

Mozart Series Specifications

The new Mozart FM Exciter/Transmitter Series is the latest audio excellence in the FM Broadcasting industry with revolutionary
Audio and RF technologies.
 Manufacturer:  DB Digital Broadcast  From:  Italy
 Product Name:  FM Mozart Transmitter  Model # :  MOZART 30 | MOZART 300 | MOZART 500
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The GREEN RF™ technology, combined with new 65:1 devices, is the latest evolution of the world-famous patented
  COLD-FET™ technology applied on DB’s transmitters.
Low maintenance costs thanks to the easy access to all components, external cooling air filters, very high MTBF for RF
  and power supply modules.
Compact design and low weight to reduce transportation costs and simplify logistics.
High frequency stability in short and long terms assured by Digital Phase Locked Loop circuit with low drift VCTCXO.
Frequency Agile Broadband, settable directly from the LCD front panel with 10 KHz steps without need for tuning tools.
Meets or exceeds all international standards for safety and electrical specifications.
MSE™: Magnetic Sound Enhancer is a magnetic barrier that protects the VCO, the heart of FM modulator, and increases
  sound quality.
Stereo Generator:high performance built-in digital stereo coder provides separation typical >65dB.
Signal/noise ratio >80dB assures the highest audio quality.
Input sensitivity and output deviation adjustable with high precision of 0,05dB from the front panel display.
Level and phase of the Pilot tone adjustable from the front panel and Web interface.
Powerful modulation limiter keeps the maximum frequency deviation within international requirements to avoid
  overmodulation and adjacent channels interference. Limiter levels can be set from the front panel.
Switch-mode power supply with power factor control. Highly efficient and widely over-rated power supply modules insure
  low heating, low AC power consumption and superior reliability. The power factor control circuitry meets the international
  requirements for mains network disturbances
High efficiency cooling system. Thanks to the air cooling system, the heat-sink temperature can rise only about 10°C
  above ambient temperature. This guarantees the proper functioning even in sites with extreme climate conditions and high
GREEN RF™ Latest generation LD-MOS devices increase DC to RF efficiency up to 85%, with a drastic reduction of
  energy consumption. Overall AC to RF efficiency is over 70%.
COLD-FETTM Lower heating + High RF efficiency = Longer device’s life.
MSETM Magnetic Sound Enhancer A magnetic barrier protects the VCO, the heart of FM modulator, dramatically
  increasing the sound quality.
65:1 No more load mismatch failures:all devices are with VSWR 65:1 built-in protection.
Latest generation LD-MOS devices
increase DC to RF efficiency up to
85%, with a drastic reduction of
energy consumption.
Hot-plug fans: 5 minutes
maintenance time, no need
to open or switch the unit.
All the main working
parameters are displayed by
leds to indicate the transmitter
status at the first glance.
 Frequency Range  87.5 to 108 MHz adjustable with 10kHz step 
 Output Impedance  50 ohm 
 Output Connectors  N from 30W to 500W 
 Diviation Capability  ±75 kHz, up to ±200 kHz with distortion < 0.5% 
 Short term stability  ± 1 ppm from -5 to +45 °C
 RF harmonics  Exceeds CCIR/FCC requirements
 RF spurious  Exceeds CCIR/FCC requirements
 Pre-emphasis  0, 25, 50, 75 us (selectable)
 Modulation monitoring  BNC connector
 Pilot tone  Phase and Amplitude adjustable from display and WEB interface
 /L+R  L+R audio input option for mono and stereo operation (XLR connectors)
 /S  Built-in Stereo Coder board. To mount this option is necessary to include also the /L+R Audio
 Input option
 Model  Output Power (W)  Dimension
 MOZART 30  30  19” x 1U
 MOZART 300  300  19” x 2U
 MOZART 500  500  19” x 2U

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