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This stereo encoder is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a great stereo sound with a low cost. This stereo encoder outputs is a very clean and nice sound which is still be cheaper than having each of the equivalent expensive stereo encoder. This stereo encoder uses a Quartz crystal to control the 19 kHz pilot tone, so you will never need to re-adjust it. This is only adjustment required on audio input levels.

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  • STE-10012
STE-10012 Manufacturer: RF Application Co., Ltd.
Product Name: Stereo Encoder
Model # : STE-10012
Data Sheet      
Product Features
Suitable for FM Exciter/Transmitter Balanced audio input
Build in high quality stereo encoder Audio input Level adjustable
Build in 15KHz filter Build in limiter ON/OFF
High quality audio SMD design
MPX level output    
 Technical Specifications  Physical and Environmental Specifications
 Audio limiter control Microprocessor   General Stereo Exciter
ModulaPon limiter +- 75 KHz adjustable   Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C (+14°F to +122°F)
  (Limiter ON)   DC input requirement 13-18 Volts@0.5A
Audio input type Balance (standard solder tab)   Size 8.8 X 15.0 X 5.2 cm. (W x L x H)
 Audio frequency response  10Hz – 15KHz    Weight  0.25 Kg.
 Audio input impedance  10KHz      
 Audio input level  -6dB to +12dB      
Stereo S/N FM ratio  >65 dB      
  (@+- 75 KHz deviaPon)      
 Pre emphasis  50us      
  (0us or 75us on request)      
Channel separation  >45dB      
MPX output connector  unbalance      
  (standard solder tab)      

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