RF Transistors

Our parts original guaranteed new transistors from NXP, Macom, and ST microelectronic. Used for servicing or building RF amplifiers for FM and TV transmitter or other application.

All RF Transistor Models

SD2941-10 SD2942 BLF177 BLF245 BLF278 BLF574 BLF178XR BLF174XR MRF1K50HR5
  • RF Transitors
Model No. Product Description Manufacturer Frequency
Power Rating
Data Sheet Price
SD2941-10 Mosfet 175W 50V ST 175 175 15 Get A Quote
SD2942 Mosfet 350W 50V ST 175 350 15 Get A Quote
BLF177 Mosfet 150W 50V NXP 175 150 19 Get A Quote
BLF245 Mosfet 30W 28V NXP 175 30 15.5 Get A Quote
BLF278 Mosfet 300W 50V NXP 175 300 22 Get A Quote
BLF574 Mosfet 600W 43V NXP 500 600 27.5 Get A Quote
BLF178XR Mosfet 1000W 48V Ampleon 1100 1000 26 Get A Quote
BLF174XR Mosfet 600W 48V Ampleon 128 600 28 Get A Quote
MRF1K50HR5 Mosfet 1500W 50V NXP 500 1500 23 Get A Quote

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