Dummy Loads

Connects directly to the transmitter with "N" Female connector. No patch cable used reduces SWR. Finned aluminum, air-cooled heat sink. Handles up to maximum power rating. (Depended on model) The impedance match to 50 Ohms. Covers DC to 1000 MHz with less than 1.3:1

All Dummy Load Models

  • DML-3001
LPF-11050A Manufacturer: RF Application Co., Ltd.
Product Name: Dummy Load 2 W
Model # : DML-3001
Data Sheet      
Product Features
Wide coverage, DC to 3000 MHz    
Rugged construction    
Brass body with trimetal finish    
Useable to 8000 MHz    
 Technical Specifications  Physical and Environmental Specifications
 Frequency Range  DC-3000 MHz    Operating Temperature  -55°C to +100°C
 Power Rating  2 W    Storage Temperature  -55°C to +100°C
 Impedance   50 ohm (nominal)    Dimension  20x30x20 mm. (W x L x H)
 VSWR  1000MHz < 1.02    Weight  0.1 Kg.
 3000 MHz < 1.07      
 5000MHz < 1.20      
 Connector  N male      

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